Frequently Asked Questions

We are located 2-minute walking from Mascot Train Station, and onsite shopfront parking is available.

Booking is recommended. We welcome walk in patients as well.

Medical certificates are legal documents. They are available only after you consult with the doctors. The doctors can not issue a medical certificate without seeing you and the doctors are not permitted to backdate medical certificate.

In the interest of quality healthcare, the doctors will normally need to have a formal consultation with you for a repeat prescription.

When you see a specialist, you need to have a referral to be eligible for Medicare benefits. The doctors prefer to discuss with you before referring you to a specialist. Referrals from a general practitioner (GP) to a specialist are valid for 12 months, unless otherwise specified. This period begins from the date of your first consultation with the specialist, not the date the referral is issued by the GP.

Staff cannot discuss your results over the phone due to confidentiality reason. We recommend that patients return for follow up consultation with doctors after any tests, doctors will explain the results and/or discuss a treatment plan.

All emergency:
Dial 000 for ambulance

After hour:
1300 466 347 General bulk bill

We welcome all types of feedback from patients and visitors to the practice, and take complaints seriously. Our staffs and Practice Manager are available to discuss any concerns. You can speak with us via telephone, in person, or written mails. However, if you are dissatisfied with our response, you may choose to contact the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC), the main government body for handling health service complaints.

Telephone: 1800 043 159

16. Phone

When you call, our reception or nursing staff will answer your phone and, if needed, they will forward your message to the doctor. To avoid disruptions during appointments, you might be asked to leave your contact number and a message for your doctor to call you back when they’re available.

Due to time limitations, doctors may not always be available to take non-urgent phone calls from patients. If necessary, our receptionist will take a message, and the doctor will decide whether to return your call. For non-urgent matters, we prefer patients to make appointments either in person or by phone or video call.

If you need to speak to your GP, please make an appointment. GP time is dedicated to patients currently in appointments, so they do not typically take calls. If you have an urgent matter, our staff can help determine whether you need an appointment, a call back from the practice, or urgent advice.

Most problems are best dealt with during appointments. However, you can contact the doctors during surgery hours. If the doctor is in consultation, our receptionist will take your message, or your call will be put through in case of an emergency. Please keep your call brief.

17. Email

Our email is for administrative purposes only. For medical matters including results, script requests, referral requests, etc., please discuss directly with your doctor during your consultation.

18. Premises

No, it is our practice policy not to prescribe drugs of dependence such as Benzodiazepines or Narcotics. New patients seeking prescriptions of this nature will not be given them without significant documentation from past or recent practitioners.

No, smoking is terrible for your health!

If you require an interpreter service, please contact the Translator and Interpreter Service on 1300 131 450. For Australian Sign Language Interpreter, please contact Deaf Services Queensland on 1300 123 752.

There is street parking and council parking available in front of the practice.

Yes, wheelchair and disabled persons’ access are available. Our practice has access ramps for easy entry.

We apologize, but we do not have a baby change room available at our practice.

19. Medical Records

Yes, if you would like your records sent to us, please ask our friendly reception for a ‘transfer of record form,’ which we will send to your previous practice. The practice may charge a fee to release a copy. If you would like your records sent elsewhere, please send us your signed consent form and new practice details. Your new practice will provide a template for you to fill in.

By signing this form, you allow us to obtain information from your previous or current doctor. It does not mean that you cannot see your previous doctor. It simply gives us the necessary information about your health, which is essential to provide you with the best and safest service either on the day or for future visits. For example, previous surgeries, doses of medications you had/having, etc.

We operate a computer-based medical record system. Should any of your personal details change (Address, Phone number, Medicare Number, etc.), please inform our reception staff to have your records amended. We operate within the boundaries of the Privacy Act.


All patient consultations and medical records are kept strictly confidential. Signed consent forms are required before any patient’s health information will be transferred. The contents will be divulged only with your consent or when justified by law. Additionally, all electronic information is encrypted to further protect your privacy.

20. Comments, Suggestions, and Complaints:

If you have any concerns regarding the service or staff, please communicate them to our reception staff or practice manager or click or email to We will make every effort to resolve any issues to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards disrespectful behaviour, including yelling, demeaning remarks, or any form of verbal or physical abuse. Such behaviour will result in immediate action, including possible exclusion from the practice, except for life-threatening conditions.

We value your feedback and welcome suggestions to improve our practice. If you have suggestions or comments about our service, you can speak directly to the doctor, our administration staff or email our manager at or provide anonymous written feedback in our onsite feedback box.

If there is any complaint, please talk to our administrative staff immediately, speak directly to your doctors, or email our manager at We will thoroughly investigate your concerns to ensure a satisfactory resolution. Our practice manager or designated staff member is available to discuss any issues or concerns you may have. We believe that addressing problems internally is the best approach. Additionally, you can contact the Health Care Complaints Commission on 1800 043 159 for further assistance.

Please wear mask at all times. If you have flu like symptoms/covid-19 positive, please don’t come to the practice